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"Pang! Podcast features gut-wrenching performances depicting the life of a single mother of nine and her uncle’s struggle to hold onto the family home of 70 years."

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"A hunger pang can refer to more than just an empty belly. It can be the pangs of longing for many things, for safety, for education, for opportunity, for a taste of home. A new play debuting at CSPS Friday examines all of those pangs and how they intersect, through the eyes of three real families."

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"Hard Truths and Creative Vision Add Up to Stunning Theatre."

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"Pang! is a play that takes the form of live radio, asking the audience to fill in the gap between what they see and hear."

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"The oral history of an Overtown family hungering for change inspires a play filled with emotion conveyed through both storytelling and Foley sound-making."

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"Performance Artist Dan Froot Pang!'s about Hunger and Need for Communal Nourishment"

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"Pang! is a funny and compassionate piece that bears witness to those who most deserve help yet often aren’t getting it."

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“I cannot imagine that one person left this remarkable show unaffected...Everything about this performance is remarkable...The world in which we live is more complex than we realize, and Pang! brings these complexities from real life to stage and then asks us to think about these issues when the show concludes. "

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"Pang! is “'War of the Worlds' meets 'Nickel and Dimed'”

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"‘Pang!’ offers food for thought on social ills."

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